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Adam Wilson - Nature Worx Owner

Adam Wilson – Owner | Wilson Digital LLC

I first heard about CBD, or cannabidiol, in the fall of 2017 through a family member who was interested in trying CBD hemp oil for some chronic pain issues. At that time, I had very little knowledge of anything related to Cannabis or the hemp plant, and thought that CBD was mainly used for pain and inflammation. I became more curious about CBD and started researching it further. I learned that in addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is also used for a variety of other conditions and has antibacterial properties as well.

Even though I was not dealing with any kind of chronic pain issues at the time, I had become interested in taking CBD myself for sinus inflammation, as I have suffered from bad allergies most of my life. Originally, I was not going to start taking CBD oil until the next allergy season the following spring, but shortly after my family member started using CBD hemp oil, I contracted some kind of upper respiratory cough and/or cold. Due to the antibacterial properties that I previously read about, I decided to start taking CBD oil anyway just out of curiosity. Whether due to the oil or not (I honestly don’t know if the upper respiratory illness ran its course naturally or the oil had something to do with it), my condition started improving within a few days, and I kept taking the oil for a couple of weeks.

After taking CBD hemp oil for a couple of weeks, I started to notice lower overall anxiety levels and significant improvements in my nightly sleep. This was quite a pleasant surprise, as I have dealt with insomnia for many years due to general stress and anxiety. I started researching CBD uses even further (at this time I knew nothing about CBD for insomnia) and guess what? Sure enough, other prominent uses for CBD are anxiety and insomnia, as well as many other neurological conditions. By now, I had learned that CBD oil is used for many things, not just chronic pain conditions like I had originally thought. (For more info on what conditions CBD may help with, visit “What Is CBD?)

In addition to my seasonal allergies, I also deal with allergies related to certain geographic locations. For instance, several times a year we make an 800 mile round trip to visit my wife’s family. For some unknown reason that I have not figured since I first started travelling there in 2003, almost every time we visit I usually come down with a very bad allergy attack after about a day or two of being there, regardless of the time of year. Previously, the only relief I had found was with cetirizine, and quite often when that wouldn’t cut it, I would have to take a Benadryl Allergy pill, which I despise because of the drowsiness. Whether because of the CBD oil or not, I was able to go on three trips within 4 months and did not have a single allergy attack or take a single allergy pill while there. I have never experienced that before in all my years of travelling there. By now I was cautiously optimistic that it might also help with my seasonal allergies that usually hit in the spring.

I made it through my first allergy season while taking CBD oil in the spring of 2018, and was very pleased when I made it through the whole season with significantly reduced allergy symptoms and only taking one cetirizine! I still have occasional sneezing and nose blowing, but nothing like before or for near as long. Even in between my usual worst allergy months of April/May and late August/September, I would almost always experience a temporary allergy flare up every time I mowed the lawn. In fact, I despised mowing just because of that, and my pockets would be crammed full of Kleenex every time I got on the mower. Now I no longer dread mowing the lawn.

Since first taking CBD oil in the fall of 2017, I have only taken an allergy pill just a handful of times and rarely even carry Kleenex while mowing. I am still sleeping better than I have in years, have lower anxiety, and have not experienced any noticeable side effects. I now have several family members that take Nature Worx CBD oil for various reasons, and have been able to completely get off prescription blood pressure meds and significantly reduce the need for prescription pain meds, NSAIDS, and antacids.

After experiencing product inconsistencies with 2 different brands, and wanting to get away from high priced MLM and affiliate opportunities, I became determined to offer my own brand of high quality CBD oil for less. I am happy to say that after a lot of time and work, I can now offer Nature Worx CBD Hemp Oil with a much higher concentration of CBD at a lower price compared to many other products out there.

Adam Wilson – Owner | Wilson Digital LLC

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Nature Worx is committed to providing high quality, competitively priced CBD products that are sourced from, and manufactured in, the USA. Through both research and personal experience, we are convinced that CBD (cannabidiol) is a safe, natural supplement that can help improve the quality of life in many different ways. Our CBD products are third party tested for quality and cannabinoid content. We are also committed to growing our product line of both CBD products and other natural supplements that may be beneficial to health.

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